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Having technology on your machine is one thing, having the ability to connect all your machines and their data together and access all this information – onsite or back in the office – is what will really make your project successful. SITECH offers a whole range of software which will enable you to have this connectivity for your site.

Trimble Connected Community

Trimble’s cloud based community is the backbone for connecting your project. This secure environment has been developed to seamlessly connect all the technology on your project, allowing real-time access to project progress, productivity reporting and job site data. This connectivity and ability to access the information from anywhere, allows for communication and collaboration not seen before.

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Trimble’s VisionLink solution integrates site productivity, material quantities and materials movement with asset and fleet management to give you an entire view of your site, so you can make the right decision at the right time. Capable of covering your entire fleet, VisionLink centralises and simplifies the management of onsite operations, maximises fleet efficiency, raises productivity and lowers your operating costs.

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Prolog, part of the Trimble portfolio, has helped more than 6,000 organisations reduce construction project risk, control project costs, and provide complete transparency to project stakeholders, becoming the industry standard for construction project control and visibility.

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