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For the paving contractor, being more accurate and efficient means no unplanned downtime, minimal material usage, and zero re-work. Trimble paving technology offers end-to-end road building solutions, from the initial design to the last pass of the asphalt compactor. Whether you are building a new road or resurfacing an old one,Trimble solutions will help you build a better surface, reduce material use and significantly improve your productivity.

‘Trimble Ready’ Machines

You can order your machines ‘Trimble Ready’ – ready for installation of the Trimble Paving Control System of your choice. Trimble Ready machines significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the installation of a Trimble¬†Paving Control System for the contractor and it enhances the value of the machine at trade-in-time.

Talk to us about ordering a machine ‘Trimble Ready’ today.

2D Paving Solutions

Our 2D Trimble paving solution is ideal for projects that require meeting a thickness specification. This technology also increases accuracy, minimises the use of expensive materials, reduces labour costs, eliminates operator mistakes and achieves maximum smoothness and rideability.

3D Paving Solutions

Our 3D solutions easily adapt to milling and paving. Coupled with our compaction solution, our 3D technology achieves better conforming pavements, provides high accuracy tolerance and thickness control and ultimately meets rideability specification.

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