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Grade Control

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SITECH has the complete portfolio of Trimble’s Grade Control Systems – highly productive, integrated and innovative solutions for the complete job site. Trimble Grade Control Systems, the standard for construction technology, are designed for ease of use, quick set up and extreme durability to ensure the highest uptime and longest life possible. They will help you finish the job faster with less rework, less pegging, less checking, lower costs and improved use of materials. Ideal for bulk earthworks, compaction and final trim, our technology allows operators to work faster, more consistently and with less rework.

‘Trimble Ready’ Machines

You can order your machines ‘Trimble Ready’ – ready for installation of the Trimble Grade Control System of your choice. Trimble Ready machines significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the installation of a Trimble Grade Control System for the contractor and it enhances the value of the machine at trade-in-time.

Talk to us about ordering a machine ‘Trimble Ready’ today.

2D Grade Control Systems for small sites

An excellent first system for contractors new to construction technology, 2D systems can be used on dozers, graders and excavators for bulk fine-grade excavation. Typically used on smaller projects such as housing, building pads, drainage and road maintenance, dredging and waterways, this technology enables you to more quickly and accurately carry out your work.

Our 2D grade control systems can easily be upgraded to a 3D system.

3D Grade Control Systems

From bulk earthmoving through final trim to finished material compaction, we have a 3D grade control solution for your machine type and application-specific requirements. All our 3D Grade Control Systems come standard with Connected Machine functionality – Connected Machine, Connected Office and Connected Controller. Wirelessly transfer data between the office and the machine and manage asset, fleet and site productivity with VisionLink software powered by Trimble, all enabling you to complete projects earlier, to a higher quality and for a lower cost.

Whether you’re building a complex highway interchange, working on a time-critical airport upgrade or a small lot subdivision, this 3D grade control technology will enable you to carry your work out more quickly and efficiently to realise better profits.

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