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Field Service Management



With the explosion of technology, companies are seeing great opportunities to increase the efficiency of their mobile workforce. Not only do mobile workers need to stay connected in order to be efficient out on the road and interact seamlessly with their customers, the companies they work for need to be able to locate and communicate with them in real-time and store this valuable field work data. The answer for many companies is becoming Field Service Management (FSM) technology which enables them to gather information to understand what’s happening out in the field, and subsequently use this information to improve customer service, meet driver safety compliance, keep control of expenditure and improve operational efficiency.

We’ve recognised the need for FSM technology and we now have a number of solutions to tackle the challenges facing companies with mobile workers.

Use FSM solutions to:

  • Increase worker productivity through monitoring things like arrival time, distance travelled, stops made and overtime;
  • Lower fuel costs through route optimisation, reducing unauthorised vehicle use, curbing excessive speeding and lowering idling;
  • Improve quality of service by adjusting mobile worker schedules and reassigning work while they’re on the run; and
  • Improve driver safety to protect your public image and lower accidents and liability.

The cloud-based portfolio enables us to offer industry-specific solutions that will work just for you.

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