Precise 3D paving boosts safety at transport terminal

Usually asphalt is paved with ride-ability in mind but not at the NSW Ports’ Intermodal Logistics Centre at Enfield in South-West Sydney. It requires one of the world’s most level surfaces. Bumps, uneven grades or accumulated water can be hazardous to the wheeled cranes that carry 90 metric ton loads, high and heavy, across the surface.

This leads to some very tight tolerances during the paving of the centre, particularly its Intermodal rail (Terminal) section, where the heavy loads are transferred for distribution.

The desired paving tolerances had average conformance of 0 millimetres and standard deviation of 4 millimetres across an area of 92 000 square meters.

When asked to investigate new technologies that might be able to meet the desired tolerances Boral conducted a thorough evaluation of 3D paving solutions. Ultimately Trimble 3D Paving Control System was selected.

See the case study on the Trimble site to see how Boral was able to meet the tight tolerances.

New version of Trimble DPS900 Machine Control System

Trimble® DPS900 Machine Control System version 2.10 is now available.

The new version contains many enhancements including:

  • More options to create drill/pile plans
  • Improved in field reporting
  • Improved plan view graphics
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

For a detailed list of feature enhancements see the DPS900 version 2.10 release notes. The software can be loaded through the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM). TIM can be downloaded from

Takeoffs from CAD and PDF files

You may already know that Business Center (BC – HCE) allows you to perform fast, accurate takeoffs from pdf files. But did you know that using both CAD and PDF files allows you to be even more accurate?

The video below from Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction explains how you can. It shows how to quickly produce takeoffs from CAD and PDF files in Business Center – HCE.

Extracting value – using drones to survey quarries

Aidan O’Connor, the managing director of ASM Ireland, is one of the country’s most knowledgeable commercial drone operators, with particularly extensive experience in the field of quarry surveying. Waypoint caught up with Aidan to blast through the benefits of using drones over terrestrial instruments and to drill down into the different ways drone data can benefit quarry operators.

Read the interview on the WayPoint blog.

Explore and present in 3D… anywhere

The SketchUp Mobile Viewer app connects you with your models anywhere and lets you present projects in full 3D glory.

Available in iOS or Android the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app allows you to access your 3D models anywhere. Connect to 3D Warehouse, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Trimble Connect, or simply grab models from your email inbox.

Position cameras and use multi-touch gestures to orbit, pan, zoom and look around your SketchUp models. You can also select from preset Scenes to quickly hop around projects, or play fly-through animations.

The SketchUp Mobile Viewer app is available now in through iTunes or Google Play.

Find out more, or get it now.

Shortening the project from 120 to 42 days

Interstate 25, a major highway through Colorado, has some of the oldest segments of freeway in the state. It was originally built in the 1950s and no efforts to modernise it were made until recently.

The Colorado Department of Transform (CDOT) selected a local construction firm, Scott Contracting, for portions of the project. This included the bridge work, removing and rebuilding six bridges along 3.2Km (2 miles) of highway, and moving around one million tonnes of material.

For removal and replacement of three of the four on and off ramps at a busy intersection, the contract allowed 120 working days in 12 phases. Scott instead proposed a fast-track method, shortening the project from 120 to 42 days and resulting in a total cost savings of US$500 000. To do this they used the LOADRITE system.

Scott met its goal, removing and replacing 23 411 square meters (28 000 square yards) of 28cm (11-inch) concrete paving, and performing another US$1.2 million of added work within the same time frame.

See more of Scott Contracting’s project successes in the full case study on the Trimble website.

New versions of SCS900 Site Controller and SitePulse

Trimble have announced upgrades to their Trimble SCS900 software and Trimble SitePulse software.

Trimble SCS900 version 3.60 includes many enhancements.

  • UTS DR Averaging
  • UTS Benchmark Height Setup
  • Live COGO help icons
  • Time-based measurements in Walking and Driving modes
  • Set number of decimal points in Cut/Fill displays

The software can be loaded onto controllers with an active software warranty using Trimble Installation Manager (TIM).

Trimble® SitePulse Software version 1.80 is now available, featuring a new 3D surface viewer.

The software can be loaded through the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) or via the Google Play Store.